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Viva Pulse, an integral component of the Microsoft Viva suite, is primarily designed to facilitate the collection of feedback from team members on a variety of subjects. The individual soliciting the feedback has the capability to formulate questions encompassing ratings, multiple-choice options, and open-ended queries, thereby inviting feedback contributors to share their valuable perspectives.

Let’s talk about the roles first. When working with Viva Pulse, it is essential to understand the three distinct roles involved:

  • Pulse Administrator: This role, assigned by the Microsoft 365 administrator, grants access to the Manage tab in the Viva Pulse application, available in both Teams and the web version. The Pulse Administrator has the authority to adjust specific settings in Viva Pulse, such as determining the minimum number of responses required to view feedback. This ensures the anonymity of feedback, as the author cannot identify the source of individual responses. The current minimum response threshold is set at three.
    Furthermore, the Pulse Administrator can regulate whether users can add questions to existing survey templates or modify the existing questions within these surveys. They also have the power to delete all responses from a specific user.
  • Feedback Author: This role pertains to the individual who creates the feedback, adjusts the questions, selects the target users, and disseminates the survey. It should be noted that any user with a Pulse license and a Microsoft Forms license is eligible to author feedback. If there is a need to restrict users from authoring surveys, their access to Microsoft Forms can be disabled.
  • Feedback Provider: These are the end-users who receive Pulse requests for feedback collection. They are designated by the Feedback Author. While these users require a Pulse license, a Forms license is not necessary for them to respond to the Pulse.

Having touched upon the subject of the Pulse license, it is pertinent to discuss the methods through which one can procure a license for Viva Pulse. A Pulse license can be obtained either by opting for a trial, acquiring the comprehensive Viva Suite license (which provides access to all Viva applications), or by securing the Workplace Analytics and Employee Feedback license, which grants access to the Pulse, Insights, and Glint modules within Viva.

Let’s delve into the exploration of Pulse and understand how to initiate its usage. It is noteworthy that the user experience on the web version mirrors that of the Teams version, thus offering the flexibility to choose the platform as per your convenience. If you have Teams installed or if you access the web version of Teams, Pulse will deliver notifications within Teams, both as an action in the actions tab and as a Teams message via the Pulse bot. For instance, when you are requested to provide feedback, you will receive a notification in Teams, and a message will be dispatched to you, facilitating your response to the feedback.

Feedback request in the activity feed in Teams.

Message sent by the Viva Pulse bot.

Sending a new Pulse:

To initiate a new Pulse, one can navigate to the homepage of Viva Pulse. Despite the presence of multiple buttons, it is important to note that they all direct the user to the same destination.

As depicted in the image above, selecting either buttons 1 or 3 will navigate you to the new Pulse page, which facilitates the creation of a Pulse from an existing template. Similarly, any button marked as (2) will also lead to the initiation of a Pulse from a corresponding template. The process invariably commences with an existing template, which can be tailored to suit specific requirements by adding new questions, or modifying and deleting existing ones. Currently, three types of questions are supported: Rating, Choices (with single choice currently permitted), and Text. It is important to note that a Pulse can comprise a minimum of one question and a maximum of 25.

Upon finalizing the questions, the next step involves selecting the recipients of this Pulse request. This could be individual users or a group. All users within the selected group possessing a valid Viva Pulse license will receive this Pulse request. The Pulse also allows for the specification of an expiration date and time, along with an optional message that users will encounter upon receiving the Pulse request. The expiration date can be set up to a maximum of 27 days in advance, with the default being one week from the date of survey creation. It is noteworthy that a Pulse is saved automatically. Therefore, if a Pulse has not been published and the page is exited, it can be retrieved by viewing the Draft Pulse from the application’s homepage.

As illustrated in the preceding image, a single group (Design) and two individual users are being selected. The total number of recipients for this Pulse, which stands at 14, is prominently displayed above this field.

Upon reaching the confirmation page, you will have the ability to copy the link to the Pulse. This link can then be disseminated to potential respondents, enabling them to access and provide feedback.

Within the Microsoft Teams environment, users will be alerted to the presence of a pending survey via a notification on the Pulse application. Users can then engage with the Pulse application to complete the survey.

Feedback providers will see a list of all Pulses they are required to respond to on the Pulse homepage:

From the perspective of the Pulse author, all requests will be visible. In instances where a request meets the minimum respondent threshold, this will be duly indicated on the corresponding Pulse page:

Pulse authors retain the flexibility to modify the deadline of a Pulse, extend invitations to additional respondents, or even cancel the Pulse if it is deemed unnecessary.

As previously stated, a Pulse user has the capability to review all pending drafts, access Pulses that have been authored by others and shared with them, or revisit Pulses to which they have been previously requested to respond:

I hope this was helpful introduction to Viva Pulse! See you in the next post.. Keep on Vivafying!

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