Tips For Creating Posts In Viva Engage

In this article, we will go over few tips on how to author posts in Viva Engage. Viva Engage is the rebranded Yammer service, and one of the many Viva Modules available in Microsoft 365. Microsoft recently released few updates to Viva Engage that fulfilled important needs when it comes to authoring posts.

* Integration with Viva Topics

Now you can add a topic from Viva Topics when writing a new post in Viva Engage. By selecting the icon “Add Topic” when writing the post, this will enable the user to add a related topic to the current post:

Once we do that, we will be able to lookup topics from Viva Topics by writing the name of the topic:

We can even select “Create new topic” to create a new topic right from Viva Engage.

When we choose this option, we will get a dialog to fill in the new topics details:

Once this is done, the topic will be added to Viva Topics as a suggested topic:

* Saving post as a draft

Now with Viva Engage, we can save the post as a draft to get back to it later for editing. To do that, we click on the caret next to the “Post” button.

Once we save the post as a draft, it will be available for us to edit later. We can reach the drafts page from any Engage page by clicking on the Drafts icon:

This will take us to a page where we can see all our drafts across all communities, including my storyline:

* Schedule posts

Now we can schedule posts to be published at a certain time. The option is available from the same dropdown where we save drafts. When we do that, we will be able to set the date and time to publish this post:

Note, posts can only be schedule to be published for up to 2 weeks only.

* Limitations

One of the limitations I found so far is that when you save the post as a draft to continue working on it later, you cannot change the type of the post, for example, from a Discussion to a Question, but I’m sure this will change in future updates.

Mohamed Derhalli

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